Christmas performance titled Don´t sleep, Shepherds, don´t sleep


WHEN, WHERE: 19th December, 7:00 PM, Main hall of Municipal library of Prague at Marianske namesti in Prague
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We would like to invite you to the traditional annual Christmas performance of the Jaro Dance Group. The programme is filled with Czech folk traditions, songs and dances. 

The performance starts with a series of traditions that were held before Christmas. This part introduces traditional masked dances of saint Lucy, saint Nicolas, saint Ambrose and Perchtas. After this we will bring you to Chodsko which is the western part of Czech Republic. The dances will be accompanied on the Czech bagpipes. The programme than proceeds to the dance of Virgin Mary which represents the birth of baby Jesus and the beginning of Christmas celebrations. There will be typical Bohemian carol-singing and dancing. The second part of the performance shows dances and songs from Lacchia which is the north-eastern part of Moravia. You may look forward to an evening filled with dances, traditions, colorful costumes and traditional Czech music.

We hope that you will join us and enjoy a lovely evening which may inspire you to tune yourself to a calm mood for forthcoming Christmas time. 

We are looking forward to see you!

TICKETS available here