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12th June 2022, evening, Spring performance 2022 of all groups of our ansemble in Hybernia Theathre

Namesti Republiky 3/4, 110 00 New Town

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The Jaro Dance Group spring performance is around the corner! Come and enjoy a show inspired by czech folklore, traditional dances, customs and music. Our youngest members will bring you cheerful dancing games that children used to play in meadows. The teenagers will perform merry dances and spring customs from various Czech regions. The grown-up dancers will show you romantic couple dances about joy and love. This all will be accompanied by the excellent Jara Music Band. The festive atmosphere will be enhanced by the Hybernia Theatre.

Join us on Sunday, June 12th! The ensemble has 60 performing members. As always, you can look forward to a pleasant evening filled with songs, dances and folk costumes from several regions of Czech republic.






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