13th May at Vinohrady Theater in Prague

will belong to evening performance of Jaro dance group. This year is an anniversary year, because the Jaro is celebrating the 35 years of dancing, folklor studying and bringing joy to the audience not only from Czech republic but all over the world. Join us at 13th of May (perfect spring Sunday) and let us introduce you to the loveliness and unique pictures of czech, moravian and a bit of slovakian folklor.


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A blooming meadow, a mysterious forest, a lovely village or a traditional household – all these images are setting the stage for Jaro Dance Group. Let yourself be carried away into them. You will see a marvellous dance programme, which is performed by dancers of various ages in traditional costumes. You will experience children’s spring plays, carnival merry-making, lovers’ duet and magnificent adult dances accompanied by Muzika Jara Band.

The dancers will guide you through the numerous parts of Bohemia as well as some regions from Moravia (Lachia) and Slovakia, which means that you will hear the dulcimer. Jaro Dance Group was established in Prague in 1983 by MgA. Živana Vajsarová. She has lead the group to its 35th anniversary which will be honored by this performance. And there’s much to be celebrated! Jaro has been appreciated both by domestic and foreign audiences and has been cooperating with dancers from Hong-Kong and Japan. The dancers are travelling around the world and they always bring with them a piece of Czech folklore. They have visited lots of countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

MgA. Živana Vajsarová brings the dancers up through delicate techniques to help them embrace various styles typical for the regional dances. Such a commitment would not be possible without the ever-present enthusiasm that can be clearly seen during their performances. “Whenever you come to see this dance group, you will meet spring!” (Jaro means spring in Czech.) This has been stated about Jaro Dance Group by Jiřina Mlíkovská, a well-known artist, dancer and choreographer. Come and witness the truth of her words.

The Prague Philharmonic Children’s Choir will be the special guest. The whole performance will be hosted by the actor Tomáš Vacek